Oven Cleaning

Professional Oven Cleaning

Over the years of developing our cleaning services, one of the services that have become a staple of our company has been our oven cleaning services. There are many reasons for this but the primary reasons are: we don’t use any harsh chemicals or solutions, we only use blades to clean and because of this, once we are finished the oven can be used immediately.

No matter the condition we find an oven in, our valet process can leave it in pristine condition each and every time at a price that is affordable. When it comes to our oven cleaning there is truly no rivalling what we can do and our team have the experience and training to back up that sentiment.

If you are looking to save time and effort, or find that your oven is in a condition that you cannot clean yourself, do not hesitate to contact Clean Team North West today. Our cleaning gallery has examples of work we have completed recently and below are the prices for our oven cleaning services:

Oven Cleaning Prices

Oven Type


Single Oven
Up to 60cm
Double Oven £70
Hob £15
Extractor £10

No extra charges for the cleaning of racking.
Materials are included. City centre parking charges may apply.
Terms and Conditions apply.

Please note a £40.00 minimum call out fee applies.

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